Kirigami, our team’s game for Cornell CS 4154, Analytics-Driven Game Design, has launched! It’s available both on Kongregate and my personal website. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about our stats, but I’m very happy with how it all turned out. I developed this as part of a six-person team, along with Yuhan Wu, Crystal Liu, Michael Mauer1, Joel Hoover, and Tomasz Chmielewski.

The game is a puzzle-platformer, with a focus on the puzzle and minimal platforming. You control a ninja that has the power to cut a line through space, then move objects on either side of the line in a direction parallel to the line. With these powers, you can cross gaps and scale walls to reach the goal. We’ve developed 20 levels (plus 5 challenge levels).

We developed Kirigami in TypeScript using Phaser Community Edition. Overall, we found the engine just fine, with some quirks in its physics. I’m hoping to write more about challenges we faced in the design of the game itself later.

Hope you enjoy the game!

  1. The very best level designer there ever was.