I ended up spending several hours over the past couple days getting all the systems to work. So now you can move programs, attack others, and watch the AI attack you!

The UI needs improvement—for instance, distinguishing between your turn and the AI turn—and lots of systems are faked (e.g. damage values are hardcoded). But the core is there!

Some basic stats:

  • 75 commits across two repositories
  • 100% Rust!
  • 1264 lines of code (geez)

Next up:

  • UI improvements
    • Whose turn is it
    • Animations
    • More tactical info displayed (e.g. moves remaining)
  • Actual AI
    • Pathfinding
    • Time/move limits
  • Implement more mechanics
    • Different programs
    • Different moves
    • Modding/augmenting your programs